Guest Blog- Gall Bladder Stone May Be To Ignore The Dangerous

Guest Blog- Gall Bladder Stone May Be To Ignore The Dangerous

Guest Blog- Gall Bladder Stone May Be To Ignore The Dangerous


Gall Stones is deposition of digestive juices later becomes stiff. The most common problem of gall bladder is built into stone. Approximately 9-17 percent of the population of our country is suffering from Simptomatik gall stone. Women are three times more affected than men by Gall Bladder Stone. In women 30-50 years the problem is most found.

Cheek role of bladder body

Gall bladder is Pancreas is located just below the right lever in the stomach. This is the collection of bile digestive juices and used by the construction lever so that it thickens. This condensed bile enters the small intestine from here.

Working gall bladder in the body –

Helps fat digestion, helps anti-fat-soluble Okseedents and digestion of vitamins A, E, and D, are broken toxins that by that and liver help rid the body of cholesterol out helps remove.

The Stone

Gall bladder stone and is directly related to high cholesterol levels associated with lifestyle health problems such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and blood.


Normally you do not see any signs of gall bladder stone. If the following symptoms are present such as pain in the upper right part of the stomach, below the breast bone, a sudden sharp abdominal center and deep pain, one must consult a doctor.

Prevention and Precautions

Balanced intake of grains and fat, at least intake of saturated fat, such as meats, poultry, vegetable, butter, too sour and bitter foods help in digestion.

The treatment

The gall bladder can be removed by laparoscopy surgery.

About the author- DR. Tarun Kumar, HOD, Bariatric and Journal surgeon, Atlanta Hospital, Ghaziabad

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